Are Thai Ridgebacks good family dogs?

Do Thai Ridgebacks like to cuddle?

These days, many families choose Thai Ridgebacks as watchdogs, and they’re sweet enough to cuddle with you, too.

Are Thai Ridgebacks affectionate?

Fiercely loyal to their families, they are affectionate with those they care for, but tend to be extremely wary of anyone outside their immediate circle. … While playful with the children in its own family, an adult should always be monitoring the play due to the potential strength of the Thai Ridgeback.

Do Thai Ridgebacks bark a lot?

When playing or welcoming: Thai Ridgebacks generally bark when meeting people or other pets. It’s normally a delighted bark with leaping and tail wags. 5. Attention Seeking: Thai Ridgebacks are known to bark when they desire something, for instance, going for strolls, playing, eating and so on.

Are Thai Ridgebacks smart?

The Thai Ridgeback is tough and active, with an excellent jumping ability. He is highly intelligent, has a strong survival instinct, and is a loyal family dog.

Are pet dogs safe in Thailand?

It simply is not safe to take your dogs for long walks during the day-time due to the high temperatures and humidity. … Since then, the Thai government passed animal welfare laws in 2014 for dogs, cats and other animals.

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