Best answer: Is a mouth organ of Lao origin?

Is a mouth organ of Lao?

The khaen is a free-reed mouth organ of the Lao people who live primarily in lowland Laos and the Northeastern region of Thailand (also called Isaan). The instrument consists of two rows of bamboo pipes that are mounted in a wooden windchest.

What is the origin of khaen?

The name khaen (or kaen, khen, khene, etc.) is often applied to many different Southeast Asian mouth organs, but it is most associated with the raft-shaped instruments of Laos and Northeast Thailand.

What is bamboo mouth organ?

May 21 The khen or khene is a wind instrument of Lao origin made out of metal and bamboo. Each bamboo pipe is connected to a main chamber and has a free metal reed (like a harmonica) that vibrates when air is blown into the chamber and allowed to travel the through the pipe.

Is a Chinese mouth organ?

Also known as “harmonica” or “bamboo reed”, Chinese mouth organ is a folk musical instrument enjoyed a long history. It comes in various shapes and sizes. The instrument is popular among a dozen or so ethnic groups, such as Yi, Lahu, Naxi, Lisu, Dai and Han. … There are a wide variety of mouth organs.

What is the origin of the flute player ensemble Rthung?

The Roneat Thung or Roneat Thum (Khmer: រនាតធុង) is a low-pitched xylophone used in the Khmer classical music of Cambodia. It is built in the shape of a curved, rectangular shaped boat. This instrument plays an important part in the Pinpeat ensemble.

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What instrument is HNE?

Oboe or Hne is one of Myanmar traditional Musical instrument which has been used in Myanmar since ancient time. There are two kinds of Myanma oboe namely big oboe and small oboe. Big oboe has more bass than the small.

What is the meaning of khaen?

: a Southeast Asian mouth organ that consists of a small wooden reservoir through which pass a set of six to eighteen long bamboo pipes each with a tiny metal free reed in a side opening and that is played by exhaling and inhaling In Thailand and Laos, the mouth organ called the khaen is also used for dancing, often …