Best answer: What are the fashion accessories in the Philippines?

What are accessories examples?

The definition of accessories are secondary items that add to or complete the main object or style. Shoes, jewelry and handbags are examples of accessories. A group of women’s accessories.

What are clothes accessories?

What are Accessories in fashion? An accessory can be said to be anything you wear or carry other than your clothes. Famous fashion designer Oscar De la Renta said: “A woman makes an outfit her own with accessories”. The importance of accessories cannot be better summed up than thus but this is true for men and women.

What do you know about fashion?

Fashion is about change which is necessary to keep life interesting. It’s also a mirror of sorts on society. It’s a way of measuring a mood that can be useful in many aspects, culturally, socially even psychologically. At the same time, fashion shouldn’t be taken too seriously or you lose the fun of it.

What are accessory products?

ACCESSORY PRODUCT means any disposable product (i.e., product for single or limited time use) or software which, while not itself a PATENT PRODUCT, is TRANSFERRED for use in conjunction with a PATENT PRODUCT or performance of a PATENT PROCESS.

What are traditional accessories?


  • Bead, corals.
  • Jewellery, comb.
  • Walking sticks.
  • Rattles for dancers.
  • Shells and cowries.
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