Best answer: What kind of name is Lao?

Is Lao a Japanese name?

Both first and surname are a mixture of Pali or Sanskrit and Lao words. …

Is Lao a male or female name?

Lao – Boy’s name meaning, origin, and popularity | BabyCenter.

What ethnicity is Lau?

Meaning. “one who came from the Lion” (German) Region of origin. Chinese-speaking countries. Korean-speaking countries.

Is Lao a Vietnamese name?

Chinese : a Cantonese form of Liu 1. Chinese : probably from the name of Lao Mountain in Shandong province, adopted as a surname most likely during the Zhou dynasty (1122–221 bc). Chinese : a Cantonese form of Liu 3.

What does Boun mean in Lao?

In most cases, festivals in Laos are called “Boun”, which is blessed. They mean that doing good to be blessed. This is the celebration of the Laos New Year and is a combination of merriment and meditation.

How do Lao names work?

Lao names are traditionally patrilineal, whereby children inherit their father’s family name at birth. Most women will take their husband’s surname upon marriage. … However, some women may retain their own surname if their family heritage is a large well-known family (e.g. surname associated with leaders or politicians).

What is the most common name in Laos?

Most Popular First Names In Laos

Rank Forename Incidence
1 Sengphet 195,923
2 Phayvanh 191,419
3 Khamla 137,371
4 Somphone 117,103
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What is Lao short for?


Acronym Definition
LAO Legal Assistance Office
LAO Lysine-Arginine-Ornithine Binding Protein
LAO Logistics Assistance Office
LAO Lao Airlines, Laos (ICAO code)