Do bananas grow in Indonesia?

What countries can grow bananas?

World Banana Production by Country

Country Production (Tons) Acreage (Hectare)
China 11,998,329 358,924
Indonesia 7,280,659 132,214
Brazil 6,812,708 461,751
Ecuador 6,583,477 183,347

Which country does not produce banana?

This is not to say there are no bananas in Gabon. Quite the contrary—there are literally millions. About half the country’s tiny population lives in Libreville, while most of the rest reside in three or four towns that dot the jungle interior.

Which country is famous for banana?

India. India is the world’s biggest Banana-Producing Country in 2019. Accumulatively, its total banana production reaches 30.8 million tons with a planted area of around 800 thousand hectares.

Are bananas grown in Asia?

China is the largest producer of bananas in Asia and although has expanding production it is not sufficient to meet the demand of its 1.3 billion population. China imports over 600 000 tonnes primarily from the Philippines though also from Burma, Vietnam and Thailand.

Do they grow bananas in Spain?

Spain was Europe’s largest banana producer in 2016, with a total of 417,176 tonnes, according to data provided by the Directorate General for Agriculture and Rural Development of the European Union.

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