Does Myanmar have royal family?

Does Myanmar have monarchy?

This is a list of the monarchs of Burma (Myanmar), covering the monarchs of all the major kingdoms that existed in the present day Burma (Myanmar).

List of Burmese monarchs.

King of Burma
Last monarch Thibaw Min
Formation 850 BCE
Abolition 29 November 1885
Pretender(s) Richard Taw Phaya Myat Gyi

Is there a Queen in Myanmar?

HM Queen Supayalat, the Last Queen of Burma (Myanmar) was born 13 December 1859 she became the “Middle Palace Queen” of King Thibaw at the age of 19. During her seven years on the throne she fought attempts by reformist ministers to curtail royal authority (especially royal spending).

Who is the Prince of Myanmar?

Soe Win (prince)

Maha Chandra Kumara Soe Win
Soe Win in 2018
Born 15 January 1947 Rangoon, Burma, British Raj
Alma mater Rangoon University
Known for Pretender to the Throne of Burma

Who is Belgian king?

Does Burma have a king?

Thibaw | king of Myanmar | Britannica.

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