Does the Philippines have national parks?

Establishment of the Republic of Vietnam

Which country has the least national parks?

Countries without National Parks.

Continent Answer
South America Suriname
Europe Luxembourg
Europe Vatican City
Europe Monaco

Which province is national park?

The best known park is Kruger National Park, which is also the oldest (proclaimed in 1898), and the largest, at nearly 2,000,000 hectares (20,000 km2).

South African National Parks.

Agency overview
Formed 1926
Jurisdiction Government of South Africa
Headquarters 643 Leyds Street, Muckleneuk, Pretoria 25°45′59″S 28°12′8″E

What are the different national park?

Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary (Karnataka) – Sambar, porcupine, muntjac, bison, and gaur.

Difference Between Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park.

National Park Wildlife Sanctuary
National park preserves fauna, flora, historic objects, landscape, etc. Wildlife sanctuary preserves birds, animals, insects, reptiles, etc.
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