Frequent question: How do I set up a company in Jakarta?

How much does it cost to set up a company in Indonesia?

The minimum paid-up capital for a foreign-owned company in Indonesia is Rp. 2,5 billion (~175,000 USD). Shareholders will have to sign a capital statement letter saying that the shareholders have sufficient funds for the capital requirements.

Is it easy to start a business in Indonesia?

It is now much easier and more convenient for foreign investors to start a business in Indonesia. Previously, it took at least two months to complete the company registration process. … Great news for a business establishment in Jakarta: Company Domicile (SKDP) is no longer required, effective since May 2019.

How do I register my small business in Indonesia?

How to Apply for a Business License

  1. Obtain your company’s Deed of Establishment (DOE) …
  2. Apply for SIUP (Surat Izin Usaha Perniagaan) …
  3. Apply for Business Registration Number. …
  4. Have your company registered with the taxation office for tax compliance purposes. …
  5. Obtain work visas. …
  6. Set up a corporate bank account.

How do I start a startup in Indonesia?

The following documents must be submitted to BKPM to start a foreign company PT PMA in Indonesia:

  1. Principle license and business license.
  2. Domicile letter.
  3. Deed of establishment.
  4. Approval of Business Registration Number (NIB)
  5. Tax identification number (NPWP)
  6. Taxable entrepreneur confirmation (PKP)
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Can a foreigner do business in Indonesia?

For foreign investors to run a successful business in Indonesia, a legal entity known as foreign-owned company, or PT PMA must be established. Alternatively, foreigners can opt for representative offices or Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV).

How do I start a foreign company in Indonesia?

The foreigner who works and resides in Indonesia is required to obtain a tax number (NPWP) and a work permit (KITAS). In order to set up a PT PMA in Indonesia, the shareholders must present a deed of establishment which needs to be legalized by a public notary.

Can I own a business in Indonesia?

You can make a deal with local people to establish a business in Indonesia. To establish a PT, you will need 2 shareholders, 1 local Director, and 1 Commissioner. Note that this type of company only allows 100% Indonesian citizen ownership.

Can I run a business in Indonesia?

It is because some industries in Indonesia are strictly closed or partially closed for foreign investment. For the sectors or industries that are partially closed for foreigners, you still can run your business or PMA in Indonesia with the existence or co-partnership with Indonesian citizens.

What is the most profitable business in Indonesia?

5 Most Profitable Industries in Indonesia Every New Entrepreneur Should Dive Into

  • Manufacturing. …
  • Leisure and Tourism. …
  • Mining and Energy. …
  • Infrastructure. …
  • Maritime, Shipping, and Ports Industry. …
  • How Cekindo can Assist You in Starting a Business in Indonesia.

How do you set up a business?

If you want to set up your own company, here’s a quick guide to get you started.

  2. Register directors and partners: …
  3. Secure digital signature: …
  4. Select a business name: …
  5. Register the company:
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