Frequent question: How many wards are there in Myanmar?

How many wards are there in Yangon?

Ward shp file (polygons) for Yangon city which includes the 33 townships of YCDC area. Includes 636 wards. Please take 30 seconds to help HDX and Myanmar Information Management Unit (MIMU) understand your interest in this data.

How many townships are there in Myanmar 2021?

Each township profile consists of township maps, a brief history, geographical features, information on climate, economy, social and religious characteristics, and regional development. Reports have been produced for 323 of the total 330 townships.

How many parts is Myanmar divided?

Myanmar States and Regions. Note: Since 20 Aug 2010, Myanmar is divided into 7 Dyinè (States), 7 Taing (Regions) and the Naypyidaw Union Territory.

What is the richest city in Myanmar?

List of cities by urban population

hideRank City 2014 Census (2019 Estimate)
1 Yangon 5,160,512
2 Mandalay 1,319,452
3 Naypyidaw 375,189
4 Mawlamyine 231,894

Which is capital of Myanmar?

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