Frequent question: Is Laos a spice?

What is Laos ingredient?

Regarded by many as the “soul of Laos”, this highly pungent fermented fish sauce made from anchovies is thicker and creamier than the thin, clear fish sauces typical of South-East Asia, and often contains chunks of fish.

How do you use Laos Spice?

It gives Thai food its characteristic flavour and goes well in all Asian curries. Use Herbie’s Spices Galangal Slices in soups such as Tom Yum and the powder in curries, stir-frys and sauces.

What is Laos Spice?

Laos (Galangal) Powder

Laos powder, or ground galangal, has a tart, citrus flavour with notes of ginger and cardamom. It is typically associated with Thai and Indonesian cuisine to enhance curries, soups and stews. Galangal derives from the Zingiberaceae plant, which is native to southern China and southeast Asia.

What is a substitute for Laos powder?

Substitute For Galangal Powder

The easiest substitute is to use equal amounts of ground ginger given you’re more likely to have this on your spice rack. Add a tiny pinch of cinnamon to round out the flavor. OR – Use 1 tablespoon chopped, fresh ginger in place of 1 1/2 teaspoons of ground galangal needed.

What is Kah in Thai cooking?

Galanga Root (kah): Galanga, called kah in Thai and known variously as “galangal” and “laos root,” is an immensely pungent and fiery rhizome related to the common ginger but with a personality distinctly its own.

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