Has the Golden Bell of Myanmar been found?

Was the golden bell found?

A rare golden bell with a loop attached was found in an archaeological excavation taking place in the City of David, part of the Jerusalem Walls National Park. The bell it seems was sewn onto the garment worn by an individual of high stature in Jerusalem towards the end of the Second Temple.

Who was King Dhammazedi?

Dhammazedi (Burmese: ဓမ္မစေတီ, pronounced [dəma̰zèdì]; c. 1409–1492) was the 16th king of the Hanthawaddy Kingdom in Burma from 1471 to 1492. Considered one of the most enlightened rulers in Burmese history, by some accounts call him “the greatest” of all Hanthawaddy kings.

Where is the largest bell in the UK?

Big Ben is the largest of the tower’s five bells and weighs 13.5 long tons (13.7 tonnes; 15.1 short tons).

Big Ben.

Elizabeth Tower
Location Westminster, London, England
Coordinates 51.5007°N 0.1245°WCoordinates:51.5007°N 0.1245°W
Completed 31 May 1859
Height 316 feet (96 m)

In which modern day country was the world’s largest bronze bell located?

He had the bell cast in 1484 and then presented it as a gift to the Shwedagon Pagoda of Dagon, a gilded stupa, located in today’s Yangon, or Rangoon, the capital of the Yangon Region in the country of Myanmar (formerly known as Burma). The bell weighed 297,103 kilograms (655,000 pounds).

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What is the story of the soul of the great bell?

Introduction. The soul of the Great Bell is a chinese legend by Lafcadio Hearn. This story is all about a young lady who loves her father unconditionally that she sacrificed her life for her father’s sake. Reading this story made my heart melt.