How did Spanish colonialism influenced Filipino architecture?

How does Spanish colonization affect the architecture in Philippines?

During three hundred thirty years of Spanish colonialization, the Philippine architecture was dominated by the Spanish influences. The Augustinian friars, along with other religious orders, built many grand churches and cathedrals all over the Philippine Islands.

How did the Spanish influence architecture?

Spanish Romanesque also shows the influence of Spanish pre-Romanesque styles, mainly Asturian and Mozarabic, but there is also a strong Moorish influence, especially the vaults of Córdoba’s Mosque, and the multifoil arches. In the 13th century, some churches alternated in style between Romanesque and Gothic.

How does Spanish colonial architecture reflect Filipino identity?

Spanish colonial architecture reflects Filipino identity mostly through the Religious Architecture. As what the world knows, Philippines is the only Catholic country in Southeast Asia; thus, most of our structures all over the archipelago were Catholic Churches due to the influence of Catholicism.

How did the Spanish influence the Philippines?

Spain not only brought the Catholic religion to the Philippine islands, it also brought with it its culture and cuisine. … When the Spaniards arrived, they brought with them ingredients and labor-intensive cooking methods that were unknown in the Philippines.

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How does the Spanish influence the Philippine literature?


Ancient literature was collected and translated to Tagalog and other dialects. The Spanish language which became the literary language during this time lent many of its words to our language. … Many grammar books were printed in Filipino, like Tagalog, Ilocano and Visayan.

What influenced Spanish Colonial architecture?

The Spanish Colonial Revival style is also influenced by the American Craftsman style and Arts and Crafts Movement. Spanish Colonial Revival architecture is characterized by a combination of detail from several eras of Spanish Baroque, Spanish Colonial, Moorish Revival and Mexican Churrigueresque architecture.

What is the contribution of the Spanish colonization in the Philippine literature?

The existing literature of the Philippine ethnic groups at the time of conquest and conversion into Christianity was mainly oral, consisting of epics, legends, songs, riddles, and proverbs.

Why is Spanish influence very strong in the works of Filipino visual artists?

Spanish Influence on Filipino Visual Arts. When the Spaniards arrived in the Philippines in 1521, the colonizers used art as a tool to propagate the Catholic faith through beautiful images. … They replaced the arts that were once done in a communal spirit and community setting for rituals.

Was committed to the belief that architecture built in the Philippines should reflect its culture and people?

Juan Nakpil. The son of veterans of the Philippine Revolution, Juan Nakpil (1899–1986) was committed to the belief that architecture built in the Philippines should reflect its culture and people. … He was named a National Artist for Architecture in 1973.

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