How did tilapia get to Philippines?

How did fish culture begin in the Philippines?

Freshwater fish culture started in the Philippines in 1972 when the Nile tilapia was introduced. Now, the species is well established throughout the Philippines — in lakes, rivers and reservoirs, and fishponds. Nile tilapia is cultured in about 14,531 hectares of ponds and over 5,000 hectares of cages.

Why is tilapia important in the Philippines?

Tilapia is the second most important farmed fish in the Philippines produced in ponds, cages, and pens. … Brackishwater ponds throughout the country, freshwater ponds in Mindanao, and marine coastal water cages are seen to have a high potential for growth.

What country does the First introduced tilapia strain came from?

HISTORY OF TILAPIA SPECIES INTRODUCTION. Tilapia was introduced in Fiji over 40 years ago mainly from Asian countries (Table 1).

What the common species of tilapia were cultured in the Philippines?

The first species of tilapia brought into the Philippines in 1950 was the Mozambique tilapia (Oreochromis mossambicus) and this was introduced by way of a few pieces brought in by the Bureau of Fisheries Aquatic Resources from Java, Indonesia.

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