How do you TEEP in Muay Thai?

Why is it called a TEEP?

Well its all in the name, at least one of them, that specific name being “push kick”. This kick is used to push away your opponent and keep them from advancing on you helping to keep your range. In this way, the teep is the kicking equivalent to the jab but its range is around twice as long.

What does TEEP mean in Thai?

Teep or Tiip: A signature Muay Thai kick that resembles a foot jab or pushing type of kick. Tiips can be used for creating distance but has also been known to knock opponents out.

Is pushing allowed in Muay Thai?

You can not hold a leg and charge/push an opponent to the ropes. You can not catch an opponent’s leg and use your other arm to push them off balance while taking more than two steps forward.

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