How many airports operates in the Philippines?

How many airports are in Philippines?

There are 70 Airports in Philippines and this list covers all these 70 Philippines Airports.

How many airports are in the Philippines 2020?

Principal domestic airports

hideAirport name ICAO Classification
Cuyo Airport RPLO Principal-Class 2
Francisco B. Reyes Airport (Busuanga Airport) RPVV Principal-Class 2
Godofredo P. Ramos Airport (Caticlan/Boracay Airport) RPVE Principal-Class 2
Jolo Airport RPMJ Principal-Class 2

How many airports are there in Luzon Philippines?

Luzon is the northernmost geographical region in the Philippines. It is home to two major airports in the country – NAIA and Clark Airport.

Who owns airports in the Philippines?

Who owns the airports? An airport intended for public use is a property of public dominion under the Civil Code and thus belongs to the state.

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