How many fish are in the Mekong River?

Are there sharks in the Mekong River?

Are there sharks in the Mekong River? The iridescent shark or iridescent shark catfish (Pangasianodon hypophthalmus) is a species of shark catfish (family Pangasiidae) native to the rivers of Southeast Asia. Despite its name, it is not a shark.

What lives in the Mekong River?

The region is home to numerous endangered species, including the Indochinese tiger, the Asian elephant, the Irrawaddy dolphin, and the Mekong giant catfish. In particular, the Greater Mekong region is rich in endemic species, including the saola, one of the world’s rarest mammals.

Can shark fish live with goldfish?

Can Sharks go with goldfish? tropical fish cant live with goldfish. “sharks” are tropical fish and therefore need water that is at least 77 degrees.

Is Pangasius a shark?

Pangasius is a kind of shark catfish. It is in the genus of many large catfish.

Are catfish related to sharks?

Certainly the sharks and catfishes have a lot of things in common. It is natural to think that they might be related. But they are not. The mighty sharks have a family tree that goes back 350 million years.

How many people use the Mekong River?

Winding almost 3,000 miles from the Tibetan plateau down to the South China Sea, the Mekong River boasts the world’s largest inland fishery. It accounts for up to 25 percent of the global freshwater catch and provides livelihoods for at least 60 million people.

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What is the Mekong River famous for?

In total, more than 60 million people depend on the Mekong for most facets of their daily lives. The river supports one of the most diverse fisheries in the world and is known for hosting various species of large fish; the biggest include the giant river carp, freshwater stingray, Siamese giant carp, and giant catfish.

How many dams has China built on the Mekong?

Share: Since 1993, China has built six dams in the mainstream on the Upper Mekong Basin, known as the Lancang in China. Operations of these dams have stirred many concerns from the Lower Mekong Basin communities on how these dams will impact their river and livelihoods.