How many provinces are there in Laos?

How many regions are there in Laos?

With a total area of 236,800 square kilometers, the country is divided into three distinct regions: diverse mountains, plateaus and plains along the Mekong region. Around three-quarters of Laos are actually made of mountains and plateaus especially in the areas of the North and South-East.

How many cities are in Laos?

In total, there are 20 cities in Laos.

What was the capital of Laos?

How many villages are in Laos?

Villages. Laos consists of more than 10’000 villages. Since also larger settlements like Vientiane, Savannakhet or Luang Prabang are composed by many single villages, the existing definition in Map Features cannot applied directly in Laos.

Is Lao a US territory?

Relations between Laos and the United States officially began when the United States opened a legation in Laos in 1950, when Laos was a semi-autonomous state within French Indochina.

List of U.S. ambassadors to Laos.

Term started Term ended U.S. Ambassador
23 December 1964 18 March 1969 William H. Sullivan
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