How much is sugar in the Philippines?

How much is 1KG sugar in Philippines?

Top Sugar Price List 2021

Top 10 products Price Store
Prime Organics 1KG MUSCOVADO SUGAR ₱ 230.00 Lazada
Equal Sugar Substitute Saccharin 100packets (packaging may vary) ₱ 199.00 Lazada
Equal Sugar Substitute Saccharin (100 g) ₱ 149.00 Lazada
Equal saccharin Zero calories sweetener !00 packets ₱ 499.00 Lazada

How much is sugar in the Philippines 2020?

As for refined, the average wholesale price went up to P2,350 per 50-kg bag from the September 2020 price of P2,151.45 per 50-kg bag. The retail price for raw sugar, on the other hand, stood at P46. 86 per kg (/kg) to P44.

How much does 1KG of sugar cost?

Price per Kg ranges from Rs 20 to Rs 90. On Indiamart, most of the products are available from Rs 30 to Rs 50 per Kg.

How much is 1kg of white sugar in the Philippines?

White sugar is priced at PHP 50.00/kilo and PHP 45.00/kilo for brown sugar.

How much is one egg in the Philippines?

The average farmgate price of chicken egg in commercial farms in January to March 2020 was quoted at PhP 5.62 per piece, an increase of 20.9 percent compared with the 2019 same period average farmgate price of PhP 4.65 per piece.

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How much does white sugar cost?

Average retail price per pound of granulated sugar in the U.S. from 2000 to 2019 (in U.S. cents)

Characteristic Price per pound in U.S. cents
2019 59.01
2018 61.63
2017 64.76
2016 64.19

Is sugar expensive in Philippines?

According to Fitch Solutions, the country was trading sugar at around P1,500 per 50-kilo bag in recent months. For 2020, international sugar prices would be around P760 per 50-kilo bag. “The rise in global sugar prices is, therefore, not going to make the Philippines any more or less price-competitive.

How much is honey in the Philippines?

Top Honey Bee Price List 2021

Top 10 products Price Store
Honey bee Pure Honey 100% ₱ 190.00 Shopee
Honey bee 100 % Pure Honey (Legit Pure) ₱ 165.00 Shopee
Honey Bee Pure Honey From Bukidnon ₱ 250.00 Shopee
HONEY BEE WHOLESALE 12 BOTTLES PURE CUTURED from Marshals Farm 750ml (PROMO BUNDLE NO.5) ₱ 2,400.00 Lazada

How much is Eden cheese in the Philippines?

Top Eden Groceries Philippines Price List 2021

Top 10 products Price Store
Eden Original Filled Cheese ₱ 69.00 Shopee
Eden Sandwich Spread Bottle ₱ 108.00 Shopee
Eden Original Filled Cheese 430g ₱ 129.00 Shopee
Eden Original Filled Cheese 440g ₱ 130.00 Shopee