Is it illegal to make alcohol in Thailand?

Can you brew alcohol in Thailand?

Home-brewing is illegal in Thailand. To get a beer-making licence, Thais must be able to produce 100,000 litres a year and have $400,000 in the bank, which effectively shuts out small players.

Is it illegal to homebrew alcohol?

Making alcoholic spirits at home is illegal without a licence and can even be deadly. Buying equipment to make your own beer at home can be as easy as going to the supermarket.

Why craft beer is illegal in Thailand?

Because craft beer can have a rebellious edge too. … Only factories that churn out at least 10 million liters (more than 2.5 million gallons) a year can brew and sell beer. This effectively makes Thai craft and home brewing illegal.

Is Craft beer legal in Thailand?

Beer brewing is only legal in two cases: with industrial-scale production of at least 10 million litres of beer per year and registered capital of 10 million baht, or with brew-pubs like Tawandang German Brewery, which produces and sells on site at least 100,000 litres of beer per year.

What is the Thai law regarding Brewing your own beer?

Section 5 of the Liquors Act (1950) states that it is illegal for anyone to brew their own alcohol, or even to have the equipment to do so. The maximum penalty for contravention of this section of the Act is six months in jail, or a fine of 5,000 baht, or both.

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Is it illegal to have a still in Australia?

Using a still of any capacity to make spirits is illegal in Australia without holding an ‘excise manufacturer licence’ irrespective of whether it is for ‘personal use’ or sale. Excise manufacturer licences are granted by the ATO (free to apply for). …

Is making gin at home illegal?

“The technical name for this is compound gin but it’s also sometimes called ‘bathtub gin’, in reference to the vessel in which batches were illegally made during American Prohibition in the 1920s. “There’s nothing illegal about whipping up a bit of your own homemade gin – and it can be great fun.

Is making homemade wine illegal?

The good news is that federal law permits adults to make up to 100 gallons of homemade wine per calendar year if you are the only adult living in the household, and up to 200 gallons if there are two or more adults in the household.