Is Mahabharat famous in Indonesia?

Is Mahabharat serial famous in Indonesia?

The Mahabharat that was recently aired in India became a huge hit in Indonesia.

In which country Mahabharat is famous?

Children continue to be named after the characters in the epic. The Bhagvad Gita is one of the holiest of Hindu scriptures. Beyond India, the Mahabharata story is popular in south-east Asia in cultures that were influenced by Hinduism such as Indonesia and Malaysia.

Was Mahabharat 2013 shot in Indonesia?

The set at Umargam was spread over 10 acres of land. Apart from Umargam, the shooting places of Mahabharat 2013 across India included Jaisalmer, Amber Palace in Jaipur, Kashmir, Ahmedabad, Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh.

Was Star Plus Mahabharat successful?

A Star India spokesperson claimed Mahabharat has garnered the highest TV ratings among all TV shows of the last three years. … The show garnered an opening viewership of 8445 TVTs (television viewership in thousands), which means that around 8.4 million people watched it on September 6, the day it debuted.

How is Indonesia related to Ramayana?

The epic of Ramayana came to Indonesia around the 8th or 9th century. Written in the old Javanese language, it became known as the Kakawin Ramayana. It was used to revive Hinduism at a time when Buddhism was well established in Sumatra, West and Central Java through shadow puppetry (Wayang Kulit and Wayang Purwa).

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Do foreigners know about Mahabharata?

But even the most impoverished and illiterate Indian villagers know the stories of the Mahabharata, passed on orally by family elders, priests and traveling bards and minstrels. Along with the other Indian epic, the Ramayana, the Mahabharata lies at the core of Indian national identity and culture.

What is Indonesia religion?

Share of population Indonesia 2010 by religion

Indonesia has the largest Islamic population in the world and for this reason is often recognized as a Muslim nation. … The archipelago is a multifaith country and officially recognizes six religions – Islam, Protestantism, Catholicism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Confucianism.

Is Mahabharat real story?

Mahabharata is completely real and it did take place. There are numerous archaeological and scientific evidence to prove the occurrence and existence of Mahabharata. … It has been mentioned in the epic that Mahabharata is an “Itihasa” which means history and thus it means that Mahabharata took place.