Question: What is Lantern Festival in Vietnam?

What do lanterns symbolize in Vietnam?

Although the lanterns are not made from luxury material, they are handcrafted carefully from the old town artists. Their meaning is for good fortune and love. Vietnamese people believe that lighting on and floating those lanterns on the river can bring the health and happiness.

Does Vietnam celebrate Lantern Festival?

Where is the Hoi An Lantern Festival celebrated? The Full Moon festival is celebrated across Vietnam but the UNESCO-listed town of Hoi An has become the most popular destination for travellers to enjoy the monthly festivities thanks to the dedicated lantern festival.

Where is Hoi An Lantern Festival?

What are the unique features of Hoi An?

7 Characteristics of Hoi An which Enchant Western Visitors

  • Beaches. Hoi An, perhaps, is not well known for its beaches, but it owns two beautiful beaches. …
  • Charming and ancient architecture. In the eyes of Audrey, Hoi An is gently beautiful even when tourists visit its suburbs. …
  • Tailored clothing. …
  • A healthy life.

What time does the Lantern Festival start in Hoi An?

What time does it start and finish? The lantern festival technically commences quite late, between 9-10PM. Most people however begin to gather in the Ancient Town as sunset begins, where they can have dinner and relax having a drink as they wait for it to begin.

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What time is the Lantern Festival in Hoi An?

Cute, multi-coloured lanterns are lit with candles and placed on the Thu Bon river with a wish for happiness, luck and love. At 8pm all fluorescent lights are turned off so that the floating lanterns are all that illuminate Hoi An, creating a magical glow.