Quick Answer: Can I bring medicine to Vietnam?

Can I take my medication to Vietnam?

– The quantity of addictive medicines brought along upon entry must neither exceed the quantity written in the accompanied physician’s prescription nor the quantity prescribed for 7 days.

What can I not bring to Vietnam?

Some things that are illegal in Vietnam include Gambling, Prostitution, Drug Use and Distribution, and Pornography. Vietnamese law is built based on the long-standing culture and the characteristics of the local Vietnamese lifestyle.

Do you have to declare prescription drugs at customs?

Traveling with medication: Travelers must declare all medicine and similar products when entering the United States. Prescription medications should be in their original containers with the doctor’s prescription printed on the container.

Can I bring my medication in my carry-on?

You can bring your medication in pill or solid form in unlimited amounts as long as it is screened. You can travel with your medication in both carry-on and checked baggage. It’s highly recommended you place these items in your carry-on in the event that you need immediate access.

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How many phone can I carry to Vietnam?

However, passengers arriving in Vietnam are allowed to freely carry a second mobile phone with them if it is for personal use. The second phone is still subject to duties if its value exceeds VND10 million ($430).

Can you carry a pocket knife in Vietnam?

Vietnam has typical crime problems you can find anywhere in the world. However, petty crimes and minor scams such as pickpocket are more popular than violent ones like bank robbery. Gun use and trade is illegal in Vietnam, which means thieves are not arm equipped, except for knives and such.

Can I bring my gun to Vietnam?

No, do not carry a weapon.

How much money can I bring in Vietnam?

How Much Cash Can I Carry into Vietnam? There are no restrictions on the amount of cash that travelers can bring into Vietnam, but it may have to be declared at customs. If the cash is in Vietnamese Dong, the individual can carry up to ₫15,000,000 without having to declare it.

What do I need to declare at Vietnam customs?

Customs documents required in Vietnam

  1. Bill of lading;
  2. Import goods declaration form;
  3. Import permit (for restricted goods);
  4. Certificate of origin.
  5. Cargo release order;
  6. Commercial invoice;
  7. Customs import declaration form;
  8. Inspection report;

Can you bring prescription medication to another country?

Medication should be brought abroad in carry-on luggage.

If you use equipment such as syringes, make sure to pack your own sterile supply. It may be illegal to send some prescription medications to certain countries through the mail. Check with the postal service and customs office before doing so.

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Can I buy medication in another country?

In most circumstances, it is illegal for individuals to import FDA-approved drugs from other countries for personal use. However, based on changes enacted by the MMA, personal importation of prescription drugs that have not been approved by the FDA for use in the U.S. is permitted on a case-by-case basis.

Can you take non prescription medication on a plane?

Place all medications in a plastic bag for ease during security screening. Nonprescription medications are also allowed, but remember to take these in their original containers, too.