Quick Answer: Is April a rainy month in Malaysia?

What is the weather like in Malaysia in April?

April is the warmest month, with an average high-temperature of 32.4°C (90.3°F) and an average low-temperature of 23.6°C (74.5°F).

Is April rainy season in Malaysia?

April overview

April sits within a transitional period between monsoons, meaning winds are light and showers are localised and infrequent. Through the centre of peninsula Malaysia and up in the highlands, the rains are heavier but these are normally short lived and bring a welcome relief to the humidity.

Which month is rainy season in Malaysia?

The wet season on the east coast is between November & February, which is when the west coast experiences sunny, dry weather. Conversely, the wettest months on the west coast are April to October, which are the driest months on the east coast.

What is the rainy season in Malaysia?

Malaysia faces two monsoon winds seasons, the Southwest Monsoon from late May to September, and the Northeast Monsoon from October to March.

Is it good to visit Malaysia in April?

When to visit Malaysia in spring

Spring in Malaysia means stable weather with little rain or wind, so this is the perfect season to discover the country’s natural treasures. March and April are the best months for outdoor activities, whether they involve jungle trekking or watersports.

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Why is it raining everyday in Malaysia?

The rains are caused by the monsoon regime, however, being that Malaysia is near the Equator and surrounded by the sea, there is no real dry season. In addition, the rains, as is generally the case in tropical countries, are quite erratic from year to year.

Does it rain everyday in Malaysia?

In contrast to rainfall in Europe or the US where it can – in some cases – rain for days, in tropical areas like Malaysia rainfall is generally short and violent. This means that almost every day it will rain very hard, usually at the end of the day around 16.00 until 18.00.

Which is the best month to visit Malaysia?


Sandwiched between February and September, just after the rainy season, is the best time to visit Malaysia; with less rain and an abundance of tropical foliage making March, April, May and June much drier and less busy months to visit.

What month is rainy season?

Countries and regions with a tropical rainy season

Country Tropical Rainy Season
Jamaica May and September – November
Cuba May and September – November
Barbados June – October
Philippines All year round

What are the seasons in Malaysia and what months?

Climate of Malaysia

The four seasons of the climatic year are the northeast monsoon (from November or December until March), the first intermonsoonal period (March to April or May), the southwest monsoon (May or June to September or early October), and the second intermonsoonal period (October to November).

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