What are Indonesian masks?

What are Indonesian masks made from?

The masks are made by carving a slab of soft wood with a carving knife. After the shape of the mask is made, patterns and the design of the mask are made with a chisel.

How do I identify an African mask?

Check the back of the mask for wear, including the holes for fastening the mask on the face. The wearer does a lot of moving in his dances, and contact between body and wood can leave sweat and oil stains. 2. Look for wear from forehead, cheeks, chins and noses.

Where in Indonesia can you find traditional masks?

Bali is an island that represents a very small part of Indonesia, and yet they produce many beautiful masks for their traditional dance dramas and the many tourist that visit. Most collectors are familiar with them.

Where do the Balinese believe that the underworld lies?

Where do the Balinese believe that the underworld lies? Creation myth Two snakes lie on top of the world turtle, as does the Black Stone, which forms the lid of the underworld. The underworld is ruled by the goddess Setesuyara and the god Batara Kala, who created light and the earth.

What materials are needed to make traditional Indonesian masks?

Sacred masks must be made from crocodile wood (pule), a tree that grows in cemeteries, the domain of the goddess Rangda. The whole tree isn’t cut down. When the pule tree produces a knot, the maskmaker asks the spirit of the tree to be allowed to take the knot for a mask.

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