What can I buy in Family Mart Malaysia?

Does Family Mart Malaysia sell alcohol?

Our bakery items does not contain alcohol, pork or lard. While other brands bakery goods (such as Gardenia Fuji Bakery etc) which certified Halal will carry Halal logo on their packaging.” “Our onigiris are made by using Halal certified ingredients. No alcohol, pork and lard are use in the making of our onigiris.”

Does Family Mart sell bread?


A dazzling array of freshly-baked Japanese style bread and pastries. Soft and delicious!

Is everything in Family Mart halal?

All items in our food service and ready-to-eat food selection are made exclusively with Halal ingredients only, and we are currently in the midst of the Halal application process with JAKIM.

What Family Mart sells?


Native name 株式会社ファミリーマート
Key people Aizawa Yuki(President)
Products Omusubi (rice balls) Hot snacks Refrigerated meals Oden (stew) Coffee and frappe beverages
Revenue JPY 477.5 bn (2017)
Operating income JPY 42.8 bn (2017)

Does Family Mart have WIFI?

Wi-Fi. You can use free Wi-Fi at around 16,000 FamilyMart stores nationwide. … The FamilyMart Wi-Fi app allows three sessions per day of up to 60 minutes each.

Will Family Mart come to Singapore?

NO! It’s the grand opening of our latest project: the world’s first [NOT-SO] CONVENIENCE STORE! Everything in the store is a slightly more troublesome [but ECO-FRIENDLIER] alternative to everyday products!

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