What does Narra symbolize in the Philippines?

What symbol represents the Philippines?

Aside from those stated symbols in the Constitution and in Republic Act 8491, there are only six official national symbols of the Philippines enacted through law, namely sampaguita as national flower, narra as national tree, the Philippine eagle as national bird, Philippine pearl as national gem, arnis as national …

What does the narra symbolize?

The Philippine national tree is the sturdy and durable narra, which symbolizes the Filipino people’s indomitable spirit and strength of character.

What does Sampaguita symbolizes?

The national flower sampaguita symbolizes purity, simplicity, humility and strength.

What is the most important symbol in the Philippines?

The flag is the country’s most cherished symbol. It is the nation’s emblem for freedom. It symbolizes patriotism, love of country and sense of nationhood and embodies the aspirations and sentiments of the Filipino people in their unceasing quest for independence.

What is the family name of narra?

Where is narra found in the Philippines?

Narra is found in primary and secondary forests at low and medium altitudes throughout the Philippines. Narra can be propagated by seeds and cuttings. It grows best in open areas. Seedlings are slower in terms of growth than the cuttings.

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