What does SAPA mean in the Philippines?

What is the meaning of Sapa?

Sapa, a slang word that has been reigning in Nigeria to describe a state of brokenness and extreme poverty, especially after extravagant spending. We can say Sapa is a mild way of saying a person is suffering or lack money; we can also call it a Spirit of poverty that targets you all the time.

What is Muta in Philippine?

In this article, we are going to find out what the word “muta” means. In English, “muta” is directly translated as “gound“. It is the mucus produced by the eyes while you sleep. … In the Filipino culture, “muta” is often heard by kids from their parents.

What is parI called in English?

fairy countable noun. A fairy is an imaginary creature with magical powers. /pari, parI, paree, parī, pri, prI, pree, prī/

What is a Werey?

Naijalingo: werey. Werey. Definition: from Yoruba. mad, crazy, to act irrational.

What is the difference between Japa and meditation?

What is the different between Japa and meditation? Japa is the continuous mental repetition of a mantra. Mantra is a powerful tool for focusing the mind. … The difference between Japa and mediation is that Japa will bring your mind to a one-pointed state while meditation is pure silence of the mind.

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