What happens after police investigation Singapore?

How long does police investigation last in Singapore?

For arrestable offences, you may be detained in custody for a maximum of 48 hours for investigation. The duration of this initial remand may be extended by police on application to a Magistrate.

What is the end result of police investigation?

Submission of the police report within a kind of “charge-sheet” or “challan” is the end-result of such investigation by police.

How long do police investigations last?

The investigation of a crime can take weeks, months or even longer depending upon the amount and type of evidence required to complete the investigation.

What happens when there is a police investigation?

A police investigation will involve the police speaking to you about the incident. If the crime is serious or sensitive, then a detective may be appointed to investigate. … The police may ask you to make a statement. To do this an officer will ask you a number of questions to find out exactly what happened.

How do you know if an investigation is closed?

The only surefire way to know that the investigation is over, or that it can no longer impact you in a criminal sense, is the expiration of the statute of limitations, which can vary based on the type of offense.

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How long after an incident can you be charged?

For NSW summary offences, you cannot be charged after 6-months from the date of the alleged offence. The six-months state of limitations in NSW applies to all summary offences, under section 179(1) of the Criminal Procedure Act 1986 (NSW).

What does an investigation officer have to do when the investigation is completed?

On completion of the investigation, the following procedure is to be followed:

  • Release of accused when evidence is deficient.
  • Cases to be sent to Magistrate when evidence sufficient.
  • Diary of proceedings in an investigation (section 172)
  • Report of police on completion of the investigation.

What do you know about investigative police power?

The police powers of investigation include the power to arrest with or without a warrant, as per section 10(1) of the CPC Act 30/60 and the power to search with or without a warrant. The police is also empowered to grant bail to suspects.

What happens when chargesheet is not submitted?

AFTER THE fir IS LODGED , the police has 90 days to file the chargesheet, if it fails to file the charge sheet , you are entitled to bail. so if the 90 days are past hen approach your lawyer and get yourself a bail.