What helicopters did they use in Vietnam?

Was there a Cobra helicopter in Vietnam?

The Huey Cobra or Snake, as the Bell AH-1 became known, was rushed into production and service, and the helicopters were delivered into Southeast Asia on small transports for local assembly and rapid deployment to units stationed in South Vietnam.

Were Cobra helicopters used in Vietnam?

AH-1 Cobras were in use by the Army during the Tet offensive in 1968 and through the end of the Vietnam War. Huey Cobras provided fire support for ground forces, escorted transport helicopters and other roles, including aerial rocket artillery (ARA) battalions in the two Airmobile divisions.

What was the most used helicopter in Vietnam?

The American Bell UH-1 Huey is the most famous of the Vietnam helicopter types and proved a workhorse for air cavalry units throughout the war. The attack helicopter – embodied by the HueyCobra, was also used for the first timein warfare.

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