What is a Thai mango?

How many types of mangoes are there in Thailand?

More than 200 varieties are grown in Thailand, helping to make the Kingdom the world’s third largest mango exporter behind India and China. While mango’s ubiquity stems in part from the ease with which it grows throughout the country, the best regions for the fruit are Chachoengsao, Ratchaburi and Nonthaburi.

How do you know when a Thai mango is ripe?

To determine if a mango is ripe, apply firm but gentle pressure to the fruit. If it gives slightly when squeezed, it is ripe and ready to eat. A mango will also emit a slightly sweet and fragrant aroma from their stem end as it becomes more ripe.

How do you pick a Thai mango?

A ripe mango will give off a strong sweet, fruity, fragrant aroma around the stem. Stay away from mangos that don’t smell at all, which means they are underripe. Put the mango back if it smells like alcohol! Mangos have a high sugar content, which means they ferment naturally.

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