What is EZ link card in Singapore?

How do EZ-Link cards work?

With the ez-link card, all the commuters have to do is to tap the card on an electronic card reader, which will deduct the fare automatically. The ez-link card can be used to pay for public transport fares and purchases at selected shops. … Value can be added to the ez-link card through various channels.

Which is better EZ-Link card or Singapore Tourist Pass?

Singapore Tourist Pass vs EZ Link

If you plan to visit Singapore for longer than three days and intend to use public transport to get around, then you should choose the EZ Link card.

Does NTUC accept EZ-Link?

FairPrice stores will accept payment via EZ-Link stored value cards, which include the PAssion Silver Card and PAssion Silver Concession Card.

What can EZ-Link card be used for?

What can the EZLink card be used for? EZ-Link can be used for all public transportation fares like public buses, MRT, and SBST & SMRT LRT trains. … Private taxis and private buses. Vending machines, photocopying and printing services.

How much does an EZ-Link card cost?

2. How much is an EZ-Link card? An EZ-Link card which is sold at TransitLink Ticket Offices, Concession Card Replacement Offices, Passenger Service Centres and 7-Eleven, each costs $10, out of which $5 is stored-value for use. The remaining $5 is the cost of the card and is non-refundable.

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Can I top up EZ-Link card at 7 11?

The EZ-Link card is one of the most versatile forms of payment in Singapore. More than just transport, it’s also been used for retail purchases and can be topped up at places like 7-Eleven.

How do I put money on my EZ-Link card?

Top-up your ez-link anytime, anywhere

  1. Download the EZ-Link app (Android) & log in to register your EZ-Link card.
  2. Select Top Up on the EZ-Link app (Android) Note: The top-up function is only available for NFC-enabled Android phones.
  3. Select DBS PayLah! as the Payment Option. Note: Check that you have sufficient PayLah!