What is Philippine Energy Plan?

What kind of energy is most used in the Philippines?

The Philippines’s most heavily used energy source is coal. Of the country’s 75,266 GWh electrical energy demand in 2013, 32,081 GWh or approximately 42.62% was sourced from coal. This heavy dependence on coal is further apparent by the high number of coal-fired power plants in the country.

What is Philippines law on energy?

Renewable energy laws

Commonwealth Act No. 120 of 1936 created the National Power Corporation, and was amended several times through to 1967. A subsequent law, Republic Act 9513, known as the Renewable Energy Law, which encourages the development and use of non-traditional energy sources, has since come in being.

Does the Philippines Import energy?

The Philippines is a net energy importer despite low consumption levels relative to its Southeast Asian neighbors. The country produces oil, natural gas, and coal. Geothermal, hydropower, and other renewable sources account for a significant share of electricity generation.

Why is electricity important in the Philippines?

Based on the results of the 2011 Household Energy Consumption Survey (HECS), electricity remains as the most common source of energy used by households in the Philippines. … For cooking, fuelwood was most commonly used by more than half of households in the country (54% of the total households in 2011 and 55% in 2004).

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What is the status of renewable energy in the Philippines?

The difference, however, is in its response. Today, the Philippines is considered among the world leaders in renewable energy, with over 47% of the total final energy consumption coming from green sources.

What does the energy Regulatory Commission do?

Our Mandate

Under Section 43 of the EPIRA, the ERC is tasked to promote competition, encourage market development, ensure customer choice and penalize abuse of market power in the electricity industry.

How important is energy to the advancement of society?

The use of energy is important to human society for handling problems in the environment. Developed societies use energy resources for agriculture, transportation, garbage collection, information technology and human communication. The use of energy has increased since the Industrial Revolution.