What is Philippine Qualification Framework What Are The level outcomes and descriptor outcomes?

What is Philippine Qualifications Framework?

The Philippine Qualifications Framework describes the levels of educational qualifications, the official recognition of a person’s learning achievements. It also sets the standards for qualification outcomes which are the knowledge or skills gained by students after undergoing a certain learning or educational program.

What is Qualifications Framework?

The AQF is the agreed policy of Commonwealth, State and Territory ministers. The AQF provides an integrated policy that comprises: the learning outcomes for each AQF level and qualification type. the specifications for the application of the AQF in the accreditation and development of qualifications.

What do you think the reason why Philippine Qualification Framework was created?

WHY. Its objective is to establish national standards and levels of qualifications to assist and support academic and worker mobility and to address jobskills mismatch.

What are the levels of national certificate?

Levels of National Certificates

  • National Certificate I. • Performs routine and predictable tasks. …
  • National Certificate II. • Performs prescribed range of functions involving known routines and procedures. …
  • National Certificate III. • Performs wide range of skills. …
  • National Certificate IV. • Performs a wide range of applications.
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What is the law for Philippine National Qualification Framework?

Philippine Qualifications Framework (PQF) was established through an Executive Order No. … 10968 entitled “An Act Institutionalizing the Philippine Qualifications Framework (PQF), Establishing the PQF-National Coordinating Council (NCC) and Appropriating Funds Therefor.”

What is level framework?

A qualifications framework is a formalized structure in which learning level descriptors and qualifications are used in order to understand learning outcomes. … Qualifications frameworks are typically found at the national, regional, and international level.

What is a higher level qualification?

Qualification levels

RQF/CQFW Example qualification
6 Non-honours bachelor’s degree
5 Higher National Diploma
4 Higher National Certificate
3 A-level, National Diploma

What is level of educational qualification?

Definition. Educational qualifications refers to the official confirmation, usually in the form of a certificate, diploma or degree, certifying the successful completion of an education program or a stage of a program.

What is the goal of Philippine Qualification Framework?

“The Philippine Qualifications Framework (PQF) is hereby established with the following objectives: 1) To adopt national standards and levels for outcomes of education; 2) To support the development and maintenance of pathways and equivalencies which, provide access to qualifications and assist people to move easily …

What is the primary objective of the Asean qualifications reference framework AQRF and the Philippine Qualifications Framework?

The ASEAN Qualifications Reference Framework (AQRF) is a regional common reference framework. The AQRF functions as a device to enable comparisons of qualifications across ASEAN Member States (AMS). It addresses education and training sectors and the wider objective of promoting lifelong learning.