What is the depth of the Philippine Deep?

Who discovered Philippine Deep?

The first crewed descent to the Emden Deep was made by American undersea explorer Victor Vescovo and Filipino oceanographer Deo Florence Onda in March 23, 2021. Findings of the expedition include extensive garbage near the seafloor of the underwater feature.

How much debt does Philippines have?

Total outstanding debt stood at P11. 17 trillion by the end of June 2021. That’s nearly 62% of the country’s total output in 2020 and about 2.5 times the government’s budget in 2021.

Did James Cameron go to the bottom of the Mariana Trench?

Back in 1960, oceanographers Don Walsh and Jacques Piccard were the first people to reach the bottom of the trench. But in 2012, Cameron became the first person to reach it alone, breaking the record for deepest solo dive ever.

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