What is the function of silk painting in Vietnam?

What is the purpose of silk painting in Vietnam?

It originated from an earlier art form of drawing and painting on rice paper. Silk painting is a unique medium for artists to express Vietnam’s mystique and charm into their works. This unique painting style emphasizes softness, grace and elegance as well as flexibility of style.

What is the purpose of silk painting?

Silk painting is a relaxing and absorbing process (Southan, 2011), a way to fully express the painter’s personality and creativity, and the “DIY” process always brings huge self-fulfillments, enriching people’s life.

What are the characteristics of silk painting?

Shopping list:

  • Silk Paints or Dyes.
  • Paint Brushes.
  • Gutta or Water-Soluble Resist.
  • Gutta Applicator Bottle for the resist.
  • A Stretcher Frame or a home made frame and hooks or pins.
  • A white silk item to paint on.

What is the story behind the silk painting?

Silk painting is a form of art that originated in India and Eastern Asia and has stood the test of time. Silk paintings date back to 200 CE in India, where wax resist and Batik techniques are traced.

How is silk used in art?

Silk paintings are created on white silk. The dyes are painted onto the stretched surface of the silk using a paintbrush. The dyes flow into the fiber and bond with the proteins, becoming a part of the silk thread. This is different than oil, acrylic, or watercolor paints which sit on the surface of the support.

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