What is the most popular food in Myanmar?

What is the tradition way of eating in Myanmar?

In a traditional serving, there are no appetizers or wines. A typical Myanmar meal includes a plate filled with rice, dishes filled with different curries, soup in the main bowl, and green or boiled vegetables with fish sauce. Dishes are served simultaneously rather than course by course as in western dinners.

Why is mohinga popular?

Sold by street hawkers and roadside stalls, Myanmar city streets are rife with mohinga. The original purveyors of Myanmar’s de facto national dish roam the streets, developing regular customers in certain neighbourhoods—and returning often once the relationship is established.

Do Burmese eat with their hands?

Normally, the Burmese use their bare hands to pick up food and feed themselves. As a result, they form a habit of cleaning their hands before eating for food hygiene reasons. Local people use the right hand to make a small rice ball with their fingertips only.

Which is the national fruit of Myanmar?

Mangoes are believed to have first originated in India, Burma (present-day Myanmar) and the Andaman Islands. In India, mangoes were first cultivated more than 5.000 years ago.

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