What percentage of Jakarta live in slums?

What percentage of Jakarta population live in slums?

Population living in slums (% of urban population) in Indonesia was reported at 30.6 % in 2018, according to the World Bank collection of development indicators, compiled from officially recognized sources.

How many people live in the slums in Jakarta?

The Jakarta government estimates that 250,000 people live in an area that measures 5.48 square kilometers. That’s an average of four people for every one square meter. Some of the slum’s alleys have grown so narrow that residents complain that they can’t see the sun.

What is the poorest part of Jakarta?

Jakarta’s poorest tend to be hidden at the dead ends of pathways or on the river edge. Often their houses are in corners, along dark narrow alleyways where sun, air and light do not enter, even during the day. Otherwise their homes are perched on foul smelling drains or rest up against concrete walls.

Which country has the worst slums?

Mexico. Neza-Chalco-Ixta in Mexico City, is a Ciudad Perdida, rated as the world’s largest mega-slum in 2006.

How much of the population live in slums?

As of 2018, 24 percent of global urban population lived in slums.

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Does Indonesia have slums?

Almost 25 million Indonesian families live in urban slums with many others settling along railway tracks and riverbanks, and on streets.

How many slums are there in the Philippines?

Using this broader definition of slum, there are over 4.0 million slum dwellers in Metro Manila by 2010. It is projected to reach 6 million in 2020 and over 9 million by 2050 (Figures 2 and 3).

Are there slums in Singapore?

Over 80% of all Singaporeans live in public housing estates, of which over 90% own these homes. However, public housing in Singapore is a whole different concept to what most countries have. … Singapore used to be full of squatter, slums and makeshift houses.