When did the storm hit the Philippines?

What hurricane just hit the Philippines?

2, 2020. Super typhoon Goni left wide destruction as it slammed into the eastern Philippines with ferocious winds early Sunday and about a million people have been evacuated in its projected path. (AP Photo/Aaron Favila) (Copyright 2020 The Associated Press.

Where did the typhoon hit in Philippines?

Typhoon Chanthu slammed into the northern Philippines on Saturday, forcing hundreds to flee their homes amid heavy rains and strong winds, officials said. Chanthu was packing maximum sustained winds of 205km/h as it made landfall over Batanes province, 678km north of Manila, the weather bureau said.

How are typhoons named?

The rotation of names is based on the alphabetical order of the contributing nations. … Every typhoon season begins with the first name in the assigned list, and the rolls of names are each reused every four years. An auxiliary list of ten names is used when the main list in a year had been exhausted.

Did the Philippines get hit by a typhoon?

MANILA, Philippines (AP) — A strong typhoon slammed into the eastern Philippines on Tuesday, bringing high winds that caused power outages in several provinces. Its sustained winds declined to 100 kilometers (62 miles) per hour, it said. …

What months are the typhoon season in the Philippines?

The wet season typically begins in June, with typhoons a possibility from August through to October. The Philippines enjoys a tropical climate that is for the most part hot and humid year-round, but can be roughly divided into a dry season between November and May, and a wet season between June and October.

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What was the worst storm ever?

United States

Rank Hurricane Season
1 Galveston 1900
2 “San Ciriaco” 1899
3 Maria 2017
4 “Okeechobee” 1928

What is the baddest storm?


  • Hurricane Katrina.
  • Iran Blizzard.
  • The Galveston Storm.
  • Hurricane Mitch.
  • The Great Hurricane of 1780.
  • The Vargas Tragedy.
  • Bhola Cyclone.
  • Super Typhoon Nina.