Which is the largest supermarket in Singapore?

What are the main supermarkets in Singapore?

The supermarket landscape in Singapore is dominated by three big players: NTUC, which operates all NTUC FairPrice chains; Dairy Farm International Holdings (DFI), which operates the Cold Storage and Giant chains of supermarkets, as well as Market Place; and Sheng Siong.

Which supermarket is best in Singapore?


  1. NTUC FairPrice & FairPrice Finest. Best for: Unexpectedly good organic choices at decent prices. …
  2. Giant. Best for: When you need everything, from a carton of milk to the kitchen sink. …
  3. Cold Storage. …
  4. Sheng Siong. …
  5. MarketPlace. …
  6. Meidi-Ya. …
  7. Ryan’s Grocery. …
  8. Redmart.

Where is the largest NTUC in Singapore?

No. 1 Largest Fairprice in Singapore: VivoCity

It is reported in the news that the Fairprice Xtra hypermarket is the largest in Singapore currently as of late 2019.

How many giant supermarket are there in Singapore?

Our 26 conveniently located supermarkets carry a wide variety of fresh and grocery products, along with an essential range of general merchandise and household items, to suit your lifestyle and satisfy your shopping needs.

Is Giant cheaper than FairPrice?

Despite Giant being the supermarket that sells affordable groceries, it also has a wide range of products in each category. This is why items such as beef can go up to $55 which is more than Fairprice because unlike Fairprice which sells only cubes or strips of beef, Giant sells ribeye of sirloin steak.

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Who owns Hao Mart?

Chinese-Muslim Ronnie Faizal Tan reverted to Islam at a young age of 17. After working for 10 years, he started his own business specialising in corporate gifts.

What is the second largest grocery store?

Top 50 food and grocery retailers by sales

1 RANK1 Walmart1 COMPANY Walmart1 5342 STORE COUNT5342
2 RANK2 Amazon2 COMPANY Amazon2 539 STORE COUNT539
3 RANK3 Kroger3 COMPANY Kroger3 2742 STORE COUNT2742
4 RANK4 Costco4 COMPANY Costco4 559 STORE COUNT559

How many Sheng Siong supermarket are there in Singapore?

Sheng Siong

Type Public
Number of locations 61 stores (as of May 2020)
Key people Lim Hock Chee (CEO)
Products Grocery stores, supermarkets and hypermarkets
Revenue SGD $829 million (2017)

How many FairPrice supermarkets are there in Singapore?

Today, we are Singapore’s largest retailer comprising of 230 outlets, including FairPrice supermarkets, FairPrice Finest, FairPrice Xtra, FairPrice Xpress and Cheers convenience stores.

Is NTUC listed?

NTUC Fairprice is a co-operative, they are not listed publicly but they publish annual reports which the public can get access to. Among them, Dairy Farm is the biggest company.