Which mountain range forms the international boundary between India and Myanmar?

Which range is between India and Myanmar?

The correct answer is Lushai Hills. The Lushai Hills or Mizo Hills are a mountain range in Mizoram and Tripura, India. The range is part of the Patkai range system and Phawngpur is its highest point with a height of 2,157 m and is also known as ‘Blue Mountain.

Which hills are found along the international boundary between India and Myanmar?

Naga Hills lie on the border of India and Myanmar (Burma). They are a part of the complex mountain system. The Naga hills district was a previous district of the Assam state of British India. – Manipur is a state in north eastern India.

What separates India from Burma?

The 1,600 km (990 mi) India–Myanmar border separates the Indian states of Mizoram, Manipur, Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh in Northeast India from Kachin State, Sagaing Region and Chin State in Myanmar/Burma.

India–Myanmar relations.

India Myanmar
Embassy of India, Yangon High Commission of Myanmar, New Delhi

Which mountain range in Myanmar assumes the name of Arakan Yoma?

The Arakan Yoma mountains are a part of the great Himalayas, specifically speaking they are a part of the Eastern Himalayas. Mount Victoria is the highest peak located in the African mountains that has a height of 3094 meters. Thus, Option D is correct.

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What forms the boundary between India and Bangladesh?

(a) after the partition of india in 1947, the radcliffe line became the border between india and East pakistan and following the liberation of bangladesh in 1971, the same line became the border between india and bangladesh.

Which of the following States has international boundary with Myanmar and Bangladesh?

Complete answer: Tripura shares its border with Bangladesh and myanmar. Tripura is a northeastern Indian state bordered on three sides by Bangladesh and has a complex mix of tribal cultures and religious groups.