Why certain products are made in the Philippines while others are produced abroad Quora?

Why certain products are made in the Philippines and in other countries?

Filipinos are known to be hardworking and very thorough in their work which is why many international companies build factories and assembly plants in the country. This boosts employment and also Filipino pride that there are products out there that have the label, “Made in the Philippines.”

Why do different countries have different products?

Some reasons to have different names for different market include: Names may have undesirable meanings in foreign languages so there is a need to change the brand name for that country. Product’s original name is already in use in another country by a different product.

Why you think some products are produced in foreign countries?

Overseas manufacturing, because it is less expensive, allows for goods to be produced in very large volumes. Volume ensures that businesses and companies are able to meet their market needs every time. The ability to consistently mass produce and meet demand is crucial to a company’s success.

What products does Philippines export to other countries?

Major exports are: electronic products (42 percent), other manufactures (10 percent) and woodcrafts and furniture (6 percent). Philippines is also the world’s largest producer of coconut, pineapple and abaca.

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What products are produced globally?

Global Production

  • Fossil Fuel.
  • Natural Gas.
  • Biofuel.
  • Biodiesel.
  • Bioethanol.
  • Biomass.
  • Feedstocks.
  • Glycerols.

What products come from different countries?

Mark J. Perry

  • Mexico (NAFTA member): Blackberries, avocado, Lee jeans.
  • Guatemala: Bananas.
  • Sri Lanka: Cinnamon.
  • Colombia: Coffee.
  • Canada (NAFTA member): Maple syrup, Carr’s crackers.
  • France: Ciroc vodka, Pinot Noir wine.
  • Switzerland: Gruyere cheese, Rado watch.

How do you market a product in a different country?

The best ones include:

  1. Run a newspaper display ad in the local newspaper.
  2. Advertise using online PPC, display, and banner ads.
  3. Invest in sponsored social media ad campaigns or run banner ads on Facebook.
  4. Use retargeting ads for prospects who have visited your site before.
  5. Run social media contests to get new customers.

Why do companies manufacture products overseas?

access to cutting-edge research, design or specialised knowledge. proximity to raw materials that may be unavailable domestically. manufacturing capabilities that may unavailable domestically. higher quality goods compared to domestic products.

Why do companies manufacture in developing countries?

International companies sell their products worldwide, but many manufacture their goods in developing countries. … Also, governments in developing countries often give international companies incentives, such as lower taxes and fewer regulations, to persuade them to set up factories.