Why do cats in Thailand not have tails?

Why do some stray cats have no tail?

The Manx taillessness gene is dominant and highly penetrant; kittens from two Manx parents are generally born without any tail. Being homozygous for (having two copies of) the gene is usually lethal in utero, resulting in miscarriage. Thus, tailless cats can carry only one copy of the gene.

Are all tailless cats Manx?

Not every Manx is completely tailless. Some Manx are called Stumpies as these cats have a small stump of a tail. Others are called Rumpy Risers because when your hand goes down around the rump, it causes the small tail to rise.

What wild cats are in Cambodia?

There are at least seven big cat species that have been recorded in Cambodia such as the leopard cat, fishing cat, Asian golden cat, marbled cat, clouded leopard, Indochinese leopard and tiger, but some are most likely extinct.

Why cats have no tail in Asia?

The short or kinked tail in cats in Indonsia is simply a genetic selection. Many Indonesians believe that cats with short tails/no tails are better ratters and they will look after these cats – feeding them, etc. This genetic trait (short or kinked tails) has therefore been selected in this way.

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