You asked: What is the main objectives of Philippine Educational Theater Association in producing a theatrical play?

What is the purpose of Philippine Educational Theater Association?

Founded in 1967 by Cecile-Guidote Alvarez, the Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA) is an organization of creative and critical artist-teacher-cultural workers committed to artistic excellence and a people’s culture that fosters both personal fulfillment and social transformation.

What are some of the performances of PETA?

Watch our Performances

  • Rak of Aegis.
  • Tagutaguan Nasaan ang Buwan.
  • A Game of Trolls.
  • Ang Buhay ni Galileo.
  • Charot.

What is the theater specialty production objective or purpose of Repertory Philippines?

Mission. Our mission is to produce Live Theater that is excellent, resilient, entertaining, and more importantly to champion and aid the integrity of the Filipino Artist and enrich the cultural life of the community in a sustainable manner.

What is the contribution of PETA to Philippine theater?

Using theater for education, Peta went all over the country to train theater practitioners from various sectors—students, workers, farmers and fisherfolk, even sex workers and people in areas of conflict. Its members continually immersed themselves in various communities, particularly those oppressed and marginalized.

Which of the following performances staged by Philippine Educational Theater Association PETA is an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s novel?

Manila, Philippines, February 14, 2012 – Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA), together with the British Council and the National Commission for Culture and Arts, presents the first-ever Filipino adaptation of William Shakespeare’s more renowned tragedy Haring Lear (King Lear) at PETA Theatre Center until …

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What are the plays of Philippine Educational Theater?

Among PETA’s earlier plays have been: Bayaning Huwad, Larawan, May-i, May-i, Hanggang Dito na Lamang at Maraming Salamat, Juan Tamban, Pilipinas Circa 1907, Ang Buhay ni Galileo, Macbeth, Canuplin, Macliing, Minsa’y Isang Gamu-Gamo, Ang Paglalakbay ni Radya Mangandiri, 1896.