Your question: How many miles of tunnels does Vietnam have?

How many tunnel rats died in Vietnam?

That both sets of men had to endure this life is appalling. There were never more than 100 Tunnel Rats in country at any one time and around 700 in total. There were 36 killed and 200 wounded.

How did Vietnam tunnels not collapse?

The bombing operation began in early January, 1966, when B-52 bombers dropped 30-ton loads of high explosives onto the Cu Chi and the Iron Triangle areas. The natural iron oxide in the soil cemented tunnel linings and made them stable, resilient and hard to destroy.

How big are Cu Chi Tunnels?

Cu Chi is about 40 km northwest of Ho Chi Minh City in Southern Vietnam. The Cu Chi Tunnels are an elaborate underground community made up of 250 km of tunnels and chambers below the city.

What happened to the hospital at Cu Chi?

After the war the hospital was deactivated, but was reconstituted in 1925 as the 12th Evacuation Hospital in the organized reserves. … At 750 beds, the 12th was the 3rd Army’s largest evacuation hospital and it accompanied Patton’s army as they raced across France and Germany.

Why did the Vietnamese build hundreds of miles of tunnels quizlet?

The Vietcong built thousands of kilometres of tunnels and complex underground shelters to avoid US air raids and reduce casualties. Often US troops were killed by booby traps. The Vietcong had much support in the villages, and those who did not support them were terrorised into provided shelter and food.

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How were the Cu Chi tunnels made?

The tunnels of Cu Chi were built over a period of 25 years that began sometime in the late 1940s. They were the improvised response of a poorly equipped peasant army to its enemy’s high-tech ordnance, helicopters, artillery, bombers and chemical weapons.