Your question: How much is a flight from Singapore to Thailand?

How much is from Singapore to Thailand?

The cheapest ticket to Thailand from Singapore found in the last 72 hours was S$ 108 one-way, and S$ 139 round-trip. The most popular route is from Singapore Changi to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi, and the cheapest round-trip airline ticket found on this route in the last 72 hours was S$ 77.

Can you fly from Singapore to Thailand?

Singapore passport holders are allowed to enter Thailand without a visa. Singapore is included in the list of Visa Exempt countries. Traveling through visa exemption, however, only allows Singaporeans to travel for tourism purposes and is only allowed to stay in the country for a maximum of 30 days.

How much is a flight from Singapore to Phuket?

Singapore Changi to Phuket: Flight information

Cheapest flight found $119
Average flight time 1 hr 57 mins
Cheapest month to fly January
Most popular airline Singapore Airlines
Flights per week 172

Can Singaporean travel to Thailand now?

Singapore Passport holders may enter Thailand without a visa under the Tourist Visa Exemption Scheme (TVES), but must apply for a ”Thailand Pass” before travelling. Those who wish to apply for long-term stay visas may submit their visa applications to the Royal Thai Embassy in Singapore (

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How many hours is Singapore to Thailand?

Non-stop flight time from Singapore (SIN) to Thailand (BKK) by different airlines

Journey Duration Airline
SIN ➝ BKK 2 hours 15 minutes Tiger Airways
SIN ➝ BKK 2 hours 15 minutes Cathay Pacific
SIN ➝ BKK 2 hours 20 minutes Bangkok Airways
SIN ➝ BKK 2 hours 25 minutes Jetstar Asia Airways

How do I get from Singapore to Thailand?

The best way to get from Singapore to Thailand is to fly which takes 4h 50m and costs $90 – $220. Alternatively, you can bus, which costs $60 – $70 and takes 29h 38m, you could also train, which costs $4735 – $4745 and takes 2 days 3h.

How far is Singapore to Thailand by plane?

Flight distance from Singapore to Bangkok (Singapore Changi Airport – Suvarnabhumi Airport) is 876 miles / 1410 kilometers / 761 nautical miles. Estimated flight time is 2 hours 9 minutes.

How much is train from Bangkok to Singapore?

Trains from Bangkok to Singapore

The train fares will cost around 3505 USD. Also, ticket prices for the selected destination may vary from 3503 USD to 3507 USD. So, don’t hesitate to purchase the tickets in advance. The train makes 3 stops along the way.

Where in Thailand can you fly from Singapore?

Singapore Airlines operates flights to the two international airports Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok and Phuket International Airport in Phuket.