Can we see ISS from Singapore?

When can we see ISS in Bangalore?

Sign Up Location: Bengaluru, India

Date Visible Max Height*
Date: Sun Oct 10, 6:38 PM Visible: 6 min Max Height: 35°
Date: Mon Oct 11, 7:28 PM Visible: 5 min Max Height: 17°
Date: Tue Oct 12, 6:40 PM Visible: 6 min Max Height: 37°
Date: Sat Oct 16, 5:39 AM Visible: 5 min Max Height: 18°

When can I spot the International Space Station?

Observing the International Space Station

The best time to observe the ISS is when it is nighttime at your location, and the Space Station is sunlit. Often, such a viewing situation occurs in the morning before sunrise, or in the evening after sunset.

Is ISS visible from India?

The International Space Station will be perfectly visible in cities including Ahmedabad, Jaipur and Delhi, where the ISS will be seen passing right overhead tonight.

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