Does Australia give foreign aid to Indonesia?

How much aid does Australia give to Indonesia?

Wong said the prime minister had “not made Indonesia a priority”, pointing to figures that showed Australia’s health assistance to Indonesia was cut by 87.5% before the pandemic. Bilateral health program funding declined from $62.4m in 2014-15 to just $7.8m in 2020-21.

What countries does Australia give aid to?

It operated programs in five separate regions: Papua New Guinea, South Asia (Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, the Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka), East Asia (Burma, Cambodia, China, East Timor, Indonesia, Laos, Mongolia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam), the Pacific (the Cook Islands, Fiji, Kiribati, …

What has Australia done for Indonesia?

Australian aid to Indonesia was worth A$331.3 million in 2018–19, and is estimated at A$298.5 million in 2019–20. Australia’s aid efforts in Indonesia primarily focus on infrastructure, economic governance, human development and social policy, including in the area of law and justice.

Is Australia important to Indonesia?

Overview. Indonesia — the world’s third largest democracy with the world’s largest Muslim population — is one of Australia’s most important bilateral relationships. … Australia’s diplomatic network in Indonesia includes the embassy in Jakarta and consulates in Bali, Surabaya and Makassar.

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Why does Australia give foreign aid to Indonesia?

Australia is supporting Indonesia to boost inclusive growth and productive jobs through its public policy and regulatory settings. By supporting areas such as financial sector stability, revenue mobilization, improved government spending and tax collection we will contribute to better economic productivity.

How much foreign aid does the US give to Indonesia?

The United States has invested more than $1 billion in health and more than $5 billion in total assistance to Indonesia over the past 20 years.

Does Australia give aid to Japan?

The Australian Government supports the expansion of people-to-people and institutional links through the Australia-Japan Foundation, which provides grant funding for projects aligned with Australia’s foreign policy priorities, including in science and technology, sport, arts and education programs.

Do we give foreign aid to China?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Foreign aid to the People’s Republic of China since 1949 has taken the form of both bilateral and multilateral official development assistance and official aid to individual recipients. … In 2003 China received US$1.3 billion in aid, or about US$1 per capita.

Can Indonesian migrate to Australia?

This is the twentieth largest migrant community in Australia, equivalent to 1.2 per cent of Australia’s overseas-born population and 0.3 per cent of Australia’s total population. For Australia’s Indonesian-born migrants: The median age of 37.3 years was 0.1 years below that of the general population.

How many hours is Indonesia from Australia?

Flying time from Australia to Indonesia

The total flight duration from Australia to Indonesia is 3 hours, 59 minutes.

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