Does Primark ship to Singapore?

Can you get deliveries from Primark?

We currently do not offer any delivery or shipping of our products. Primark does not offer postal exchanges or refunds.

Can you now buy online at Primark?

Unfortunately we currently do not offer an online shop. Primark products are available in our stores only, click here to find out where your nearest store is!

Who owns Primark now?

Why is Primark so cheap?

Because it doesn’t constantly have to get new lines into stores, it can save money on things like shipping (using slower boats rather than airplanes, for example) and manufacturing costs (by say offering contracts to garment factories in their quieter periods, when prices are cheaper).

Is Primark expensive?

The financial firm commissioned a survey of 100 comparable items across 14 different stores in the Boston area to compare Primark’s pricing with that of other major clothing retailers. On average, other retailers in the US were priced at a 202% premium to Primark, as MarketWatch reports.

Does Primark use child Labour?

Topshop and Primark can hire children as young as 14 to work in their factories. A Topshop and Primark policy allows children as young as 14 to work in its supply factories overseas, it has been revealed.

Which country is Primark from?

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