Frequent question: How much does old Singapore coins worth?

How much is a Singapore 1 cent coin worth?


Krause number KM# 98
Denomination 1 cent
Currency rate 0.01 SGD = 0.007 USD
Year 1992-2009
Period Republic of Singapore (1967 – 2018)

How much is a 20 cents Singapore coin worth?


Krause number KM# 347
Denomination 20 cents
Currency rate 0.2 SGD = 0.15 USD
Year 2013-2018
Period Republic of Singapore (1967 – 2018)

What can you do with old coins Singapore?

Commemorative and numismatic notes and coins can be redeemed at their face value at the commercial banks in Singapore. For commemorative and numismatic coins, you may also approach: Certis CISCO Secure Logistics Pte. Ltd (MAS’ appointed circulation coin operator and manager)

How much are old coins worth?


Coin Type Average Circulated Typical Uncirculated
Dollar – Morgan – 1878-1921 $15 – $20 $24 – $70
Dollar – Peace – 1921-1935 $15 – $19 $20 – $50
Dollar – Eisenhower – 1971-1978 Face value $1.25 – $2
Dollar – Susan B. Anthony – 1979-1981,1999 Face value Face value

Are old 1-cent coins worth anything?

The going rate for a circulated 1¢ or 2¢ coin is $3 while those in mint (uncirculated) condition can be worth up to $15. Rarities, such as a 1966 ”mis-struck” coin, are listed for $95. … Australia’s 1¢ and 2¢ coins were predominantly copper, plus small quantities of tin and zinc.

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Do banks accept 1-cent coins?

The 1 & 2 cent coins are still legal tender, banks should still exchange them for you on request, but they have to save up at least $15 worth before they can exchange the coins themselves.

How do I sell my old coins?

Here’s how to sell an old 2-rupee coin on Quickr.

  1. Go to and log in. …
  2. Make a listing for your coin and click, upload pictures of the website.
  3. Interested and relevant buyers will get in touch with you directly via the details mentioned on the website.
  4. Negotiate and sell the coin at the highest price offered.

Where can I sell my old Singapore coins?

Where Can You Sell or Buy Old Singapore Banknotes And Coins?

  • Carousell.
  • eBay.
  • Gumtree (think Singaporean version of Craigslist)
  • Hardwarezone.
  • and even Shopee!

Will banks accept old coins?

Your bank may swap or deposit old paper notes and coins.

Banks don’t legally have to accept old paper notes and coins once they’ve been withdrawn from circulation. However, some may continue to allow you to swap them while others may let you deposit old notes and coins into your account.

How much does a 100 year old coin worth?

100 year-old coin costs Rs.

25 lakh.

Is 1 cent still legal tender in Singapore?

1-cent coins that are already in circulation remain legal tender in Singapore. MAS has not demonetised the 1-cent coin so that members of the public who are still holding onto 1-cent coins can continue to utilise them.