Frequent question: What is Filipino On Demand Xfinity?

Does Xfinity have the Filipino Channel?

Xfinity X1 gives you all the Filipino Film & TV you’re looking for in one place. Enhance your Filipino experience with GMA Pinoy, GMA Life and TFC. Enjoy a premium mix of daily news, popular dramas, sports, top-rated soaps, game and reality shows, award-winning newscasts, children’s programs, and more—all in Tagalog.

What is TFC on Xfinity?

X1 customers can say “TFC” into the Xfinity Voice Remote to subscribe to and enjoy TFC’s high quality live original content with English subtitles including teleseryes, talk shows, variety shows, blockbuster movies, relevant news and public service programs telecast in brilliant high definition.

How do I get Filipino channels on Comcast?


Simply choose an X1 TV Package that’s right for you. Add it to your cart and begin checkout. During checkout, in the additional channel section, add your international package and other add-on channels. That’s it!

How can I watch Filipino channels?

These are the best ways of watching Filipino channels online. Read on to find out which providers offer this service.


  • DWLS (radio channel)
  • GMA Pinoy TV (GMAP)
  • GMA Life TV (GMAL)
  • DZBB (radio channel)
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How much is GMA Pinoy TV subscription?

GMA Pinoy – $19.99/mo.

How can I subscribe to Filipino Channel?

Head over to to subscribe. One of the unexpected benefits we got from subscribing to TFC is that we got to expose our son to programs using the Filipino language.

How can I watch GMA Pinoy TV?

Just visit to get in touch with your local service provider. You may also watch online in selected countries.

What happened to the Filipino Channel?

The Philippines’ top broadcaster has gone off air after it was ordered by the media regulator to stop operations. … The channel has in the past angered President Rodrigo Duterte, who correspondents say is well-known for silencing media critics.

Is TFC available in Philippines?

TFC is targeted to the Filipino diaspora, and was launched on 24 September 1994, becoming the world’s first trans-Pacific Asian broadcaster.

The Filipino Channel.

Launched 24 September 1994

How do I subscribe to gma7?

Go to on your browser. Click ‘Join Today’. Type in your email address*, password, accept the ‘Terms of Service and Privacy Policy’ and click ‘Sign Up’. Choose ‘GMA Pinoy Pack’ or ‘GMA VOD’ and set-up a payment method: ‘Card’ or ‘Paypal’ and input the required information.